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Fine Arts

Teacher Subject Conference
*Lisa Avalos Band Director 9:45-10:35
Juan Benavides Band Assistant 9:45-10:35
Jorge Moreno Choir Director 8:51-9:40
Choir Assistant
Alberto Ortiz Guitar
Marcos Pecina Conjunto
Karina Vela Orchestra
Diana Villarreal  Art 11:13-12:03



It is the goal of the Riverside Art classes to provide a general art education that will benefit all students. This education introduces students to various media, art/artist throughout history, art vocabulary, as well as art practices and techniques. These are fundamentals of art that factor into developing a student’s self-discipline, problem solving skills, aesthetic awareness, and appreciation to what is natural to our world, as well as, creations of the human mind heart, and hand.


The goal of the Riverside Band is to make sure that all it’s participants experience the joy of being able to play a musical instrument that not everyone knows how to play. From the first time they take their instrument out of its case to their final year in the band, band students here at Riverside are taught to love their instrument and to love playing it. They’re taught how being in a team committed to hard work and dedication pays off in the future. One of the most important things that the band directors and instructors must do is prep their students for their high school band years. Every band student that leaves this school leaves with the knowledge of hard work, dedication, team work, and a sense of pride for what they do.


The goal of the Riverside Choir is to give its students the opportunity to perfect the talents that they already possess. Whether a student is just starting out or already a 2 year veteran and in their final year, the students of this choir will learn much about their other team members, and the joy of singing.