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“Do the Write Thing” Texas Challenge

This year Riverside is proud to recognize 8th graders Melanie Arizpe  and Ramiro Rodriguez for being selected as Student Finalists in the Do the Write Thing Texas Challenge, an essay contest that “cultivates logic, creativity and literacy.” In addition to giving students a voice and forum to be heard, the goal of the program is that “Reflection upon the causes and effects of violence inculcates personal responsibility.”

“Each paper is read by community volunteers who select a boy and girl with the most thought provoking essays from each school as Student Finalists. The Student Finalists, their parents, teachers, principals and superintendents are invited to a recognition celebration.”

Melanie and Ramiro, as well as their families and Reading teacher, Mrs. Roxann Hurtado, attended the recognition dinner on Tuesday, May 16, 2017.


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