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About Riverside Middle School

The mission of Riverside Middle School is to educate all students through total commitment and teamwork in the development of academics, technology, and social skills.  Through increased attendance, parental and family involvement, we ensure that all students become successful life-long learners.

Belief Statements
R.M.S. believes that you should believe in yourself.
R.M.S. believes that set backs are not failures, but opportunities to success.
R.M.S. believes education is shared responsibility for self-improvement.
R.M.S. believes that all students merit respect.

Because I am a Riverside Bulldog, I will treat everyone, including myself, with respect and accept responsibility for my own actions.  I will follow all directions given by any Riverside staff member, the first time they are given.  I will use appropriate language, speech, and tone of voice at all times.  I will always give my very best effort, and will maintain a positive attitude throughout the school year.


Black, Gold and Purple